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Live Bilingual Answering Service For Your Business

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Bilingual Answering Service

Advanced Answering Service’s live operators can answer your calls in both English and Spanish. We know that answering your callers in the language they find most comfortable increases your ability to acquire and retain clients.
What makes our service unique is our commitment to the highest quality people answering your calls and to the most advanced technologies

Why Choose Us?

Advanced Answering is a family-owned business headquartered in Sarasota, FL with call center locations around the United States.We have been in business for over 22 years.

Trusted Business

If you run a business, you can benefit from tenured call center support. We know that your clients are your most important asset.

Free Trial

Try our no-risk free trial offer of our services. You can have your phones answered by our polite, professional operators within 24 hours of signing up.

Our Bilingual Answering
Service Benefits

Experienced, Caring Live Operators

24×7 / 365

Appointment Setting

Emergency Dispatch

Order Taking Services

Appointment Reminders

Instant Message Delivery

Customized Call Handling

Other Bilingual Phone
Answering Services

Advanced Answering Service offers additional bilingual answering services for businesses with bilingual needs, such as Live or Automated Call Answering Service, Appointment Scheduling Service, Order Taking Service, Customized Call Answering, Emergency Answering Service, and Fax Answering.

Contact our Advanced Answering Service team today to learn about all our bilingual call answering services available throughout the United States. Our bilingual phone answering services can help transform your business.

United States-Based Operators Answer
Calls Bilingually in English and Spanish

Our live telephone answering service operators are U.S.-based, bilingual receptionists and are trained to develop good client relationships for you. They are professionals who have patience and a willingness to listen carefully, and they can converse in English and Spanish. Their mission is to record every detail of your caller’s message politely and accurately, and to follow up with you exactly the way that you have requested. A Spanish answering service can greatly increase your business’s credibility and customer satisfaction with your Spanish-speaking customers.


What’s Included:

24/7 Service

24-hour Live Operators, 365 days a year.

Custom Greeting

We answer with your business name and a custom greeting.

Message Taking and Storage

We take your messages and organize them nicely for delivery to you on a daily basis.

Call Screening and Call Forwarding/Patching

Based upon your specifications, we screen your calls and handle them as you instruct us, including Patching you into a call and Forwarding Calls to appropriate people.

Daily Message Dispatch via Fax or Email

Your messages can be sent to you daily in a Morning Batch Report.

Immediate Message Dispatch

We send messages instantly, based upon your preferences including SMS/Text, Fax, and Email

Answering Service Add-ons:

Appointment Setting

We answer your calls and set appointments for you.

One-Ring Answer

We can answer your calls on the first ring.

Order Processing/Order Taking Service/Sales

We can take orders, process credit cards, even up-sell, and cross-sell.

Referral Service

You advertise and we take your incoming calls and refer the business as you have indicated in advance, such as to sales people in different regions.

Cost Saving Options

Custom Off-Peak Pricing

Live telephone answering during off-peak business hours only.

Auto Attendant Package

Calls are answered by an Auto Attendant, an automated voice that offers the caller an optional Live Operator who can handle call forward/patching or message taking when appropriate. You can retrieve all voicemail messages as you would with a standard voicemail system 24 hours/day.

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