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When it’s imperative that you receive emergency or high-priority messages instantly, Advanced Answering Service’s “Instant Message” service is for you. “Instant Message” is a flexible, custom-designed service that is tailored to your individualized needs, and is available as a 24×7 service or, more economically, as a work week service 8 am-5 pm. Depending upon the typical characteristics of your emergency calls, ourĀ telephone answering service team will build a custom emergency plan for you.

Message Dispatch Choices

  • Text Message Service to Cell Phone
  • Text Message to Multiple Cell Phones
  • Email Message Dispatch
  • Message Service to Office Phone, Cell Phone or Both
  • Message Service to Multiple People, Multiple Telephones
  • Paging Service
  • Fax Message Dispatch

Special Features of Emergency Message Dispatch Plans

If you are an ambulance service, medical doctor, dentist, attorney, locksmith, elevator repair service, private fire company, senior emergency device company, or other emergency provider, you need to receive your messages instantly. To ensure that we make contact with a live person who can manage the emergency situation, we make a plan with you that includes not only your pager number, cell phone number and office phone number but also the pager numbers, cell phone numbers and office phone numbers of multiple people who can respond to the emergency, whether on your staff or an alternative service. All numbers are prioritized to show us which number to contact first, second, third and so on.

We also build in different protocols for different types of emergencies. For a locksmith, a Level One emergency might be a young child locked in a bathroom with access to life-threatening pills and the drowning hazard of a bathtub, and the protocol is to call the top 6 numbers. A Level Two might be a person locked out of their car or house. Doctors may define many levels of emergency with specific protocols for each.

Special Features for Business High-Priority Calls

If you are a plumber, sales person, electrician, landscaper, or any other profession, you may want “Instant Message” for high priority calls. Rather than wait for email or voicemail message notification of high-priority calls, you may want a custom “Instant Message” plan, similar to the emergency message dispatch plan explained above. Some businessmen may want to provide a short list of their most important customers or prospects. If any of those call in, they want either to be immediately patched into the call or notified by message in a particular way, like texting to their Blackberry. Others may want any caller who says they have a very large potential contract or job to discuss to be expedited to them via their “Instant Message” protocols.