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Advanced Answering Service provides two important emergency answering services for your business:

  1. Our live operators manage your urgent and priority calls, forwarding them to the appropriate person instantly.
  2. We can function as a call center for your business’s emergency plan.

Why choose Advanced Answering Service for emergency call answering?

We have the telephone answering service industry’s most reliable, experienced live¬†operators.

  • Our emergency answering services are available 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Our emergency answering services include adjusting staffing levels of live operators to fit your business need and to accommodate crisis situations.
  • We have live operators who are bilingual in English and Spanish, to provide emergency answering service support for callers in the language that is most comfortable for them.
  • Our emergency answering services are rapid and accurate because our operators can instantly access the detail on who to contact and under what circumstances through our computerized system.
  • With our emergency answering services, you have an accurate record of date and time of emergency calls and how those calls were handled for legal purposes and HIPAA compliance.

Managing Your Urgent and Priority Calls

Advanced Answering Service knows that its emergency answering services are critical to the health and success of your business. Whether you are looking for a physician answering service, medical answering service, or some other type of emergency answering service, we focus on customizing our services for your needs.

What we do better than other emergency answering service providers:

  • We tailor our emergency answering service to meet the unique specifications of each customer whether a medical provider, law firm, security and alarm service, insurance agency, plumber, or other business.
  • Our live operators can adapt their handling of emergency call situations according to the exact criteria you specify.
  • We can design an emergency call answering service plan with you and provide you ideas for managing emergency situations that you may not have used before.

Acting as the Call Center for Your Emergency Plan

Many businesses today have formalized a written Emergency Plan for their business, so that all their employees and customers know exactly how your business will handle specific emergency situations (power outages, flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, terrorist attack, etc).

Still there are often questions in emergency situations. A live 24 hour answering service is ideal for businesses who need to respond to emergencies, but do not want to take all of the phone calls.¬†Advanced Answering Service can be your emergency call center for your business’s emergency plan.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Provide a central 800 phone number for your employees and customers to call in an emergency.
  • Have live operators answer questions your employees and customers pose, exactly as you have specified in your emergency plan document.
  • Forward emergency calls according to guidelines in your emergency document.
  • Keep records of all callers and how each emergency call was handled.

Advanced Answering Service tailors its emergency answering services to meet the specific needs of each customer and provides a wide range of call answering services nationwide, including Message Taking, Appointment Setting, Order Taking, Call Center Services, and more.