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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I don’t want a 24-hour telephone answering service, I just want after hours support?
Advanced Answering Services provides after business hours support as well as within a specific time frame. You can control the flow of call traffic by simply forwarding the calls when you need them serviced.

2. Will people calling our office realize that they have been switched to a telephone answering service?
There is no difference or any indicator that the call is being forwarded to our office. Our live operators have a script on their monitors so that we answer the phones exactly as you have specified – much like you would answer in your own office.

3. What if I want to use your answering service to answer the calls I get from an advertisement that may only run one month? Will I have to pay for an expensive 6-month or 12-month answering service plan?
We have many cost saving options and can create custom programs that can be discussed in a complimentary consultation. Call us today for a quote at: 610-304-4008.

4. What if I manage a team of people and want the calls received at my central telephone number to be distributed to different people throughout the United States. Can I do that?
Yes, whether you want forwarded calls to be in your same city or nationwide, we can accommodate you. All you need to do is provide the protocols for the operators to determine where we are to forward the calls or the messages.

5. What if I am a one-man office, do you have pricing for me?
Yes, we offer a range of cost-saving options including complimentary electronic distribution of messages. Pricing is based on average number of operator minutes you receive and other factors that will be discussed during your consultation. You can sign up for minimal services to start and, as you grow your business, increase your service level.

Still unsure if Advanced Answering is for you?

Chat below with one of our representatives or call us at 610-304-4008 and we will be happy to provide a quote and answer all of your questions during a complimentary consultation.