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Advanced Answering Service’s lead capture services may become your business’s most powerful revenue-boosting tool. When you spend advertising dollars, you want to get results that truly grow your revenues. At Advanced Answering Service, our live telephone answering service operators are dedicated 24/7, 365 days a year to answering every lead that your ad produces and to handling your lead with such professional care that you increase your close rates – and therefore your revenues. Sloppy lead capture services lead to poor close rates.

Problems With Lead Capture Services Cost You Money

Professional lead capture services are a rarity. Problems that are typical with lead capture services include:

  • The lead calls in and is directed to voicemail. Voicemail is the death knoll for many prospective customers.
  • The lead calling in is forced to talk with a person busy with other office tasks. The lead is often put on hold or handled brusquely, giving the lead a negative opinion of your business.
  • The person or call center responsible for capturing lead information does not collect all of the critical detail accurately or completely. When this happens, the lead capture service is often worthless. If you don’t know the name of your contact, their business, or the reason they called, you insult the lead when you call them back. Worse still, without an accurate callback number, you don’t have any lead to call back.
  • The person or call center responsible for lead capture does not have time or the inclination to answer the caller’s questions.

Maximize Advertising Results with our Lead Capture Services

The quality of your lead capture service can distinguish a successful marketing campaign from a failure. To get the highest return on your advertising investment, let Advanced Answering Service capture leads from your advertisements.

Our operators who manage our lead capture service:

  • Are always experienced, live operators who can handle your leads with the care and professionalism your business needs for success (no voicemail)
  • Available 24/7, 365 days a year, so you never miss a lead opportunity
  • Can answer the typical questions your leads ask, based upon a script you give them
  • Can handle each lead follow-up differently, based upon criteria that you have defined (for example,  lead call-ins from companies larger than 1,000 employees can be patched through directly to your most talented sales person)
  • Will collect detailed lead information at the very beginning of every call and double check  the accuracy with the caller
  • Will handle every lead with warmth, concern, and professionalism to reflect on your business positively and contribute to the success of a closed lead

Advanced Answering Service specializes in lead capture services to maximize results for advertising campaigns.  Advanced Answering Service customizes lead capture services to accommodate the unique requirements of its customers and provides many other call answering services nationwide, including Processing Orders, Taking and Recording Messages, Setting Appointments, Call Center Services, and more