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For businesses expanding nationwide or regionally, Advanced Answering Service can help you. We funnel customers to the closest location, give them directions, answer questions like hours of operation, and project a large-company image for you. In short, we help you make the best use of the advertising money your company spends.

Save money when you advertise on the Internet, by email, or in local publications by using a standard advertisement with one 800 phone number. Our referral answering service does the rest. When your prospective customers call, our referral answering service refers your caller to the closest dealer or location and answers questions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Our 800 number answering service can help your business dole out referrals without you having to lift a finger.

If you have multiple businesses or products, we can also screen the callers and refer them to the location or product of your choice, based upon the demographics of the caller or your need to sell more overstocked items.

Let Advanced Answering Service’s Referral Answering Service help to transform your small business into a large business.

Our representatives are ready to answer any questions you have on our referral answering service.  Advanced Answering Service offers its Referral Answering Service nationwide along with a variety of other services, including Message Taking Service, Order Taking Service, Appointment Scheduling Service, Instant Message Dispatch, 24-Hour Answering Service, Bilingual Answering Service, and more.