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Advanced Answering Service can help your small or medium-sized businesses build a brand of “service” and, in doing so, increase your revenues. When our professional operators answer your business calls, your company profile and answering instructions show immediately their computer as the call is ringing in. This allows us to answer your calls in the accurate and friendly manner your business needs. This personalized service gives your customers the feeling that they are dealing with your employees, and great employees at that. We all know that good customer references help you to acquire more customers, and adding more customers increases cash flow. But too many businesses ignore the basic business principle that good service is what creates happy customers and happy customers give good references. Let our telephone answering service go to work for you.

Advanced Answering Service is a leader in giving small to mid-size businesses a brand of “good service.”

We can develop your service image by:

  • Answering calls with both your company name and a brand message (For example, “AAA Plumbing, the most reliable, cost-effective plumbers in New York City, how can I help you?”)
  • Having the industry’s best trained operators answering your phone calls, Advanced Answering Service operators are hired based upon experience and positive attitude, and we reinforce the importance of a positive attitude in our training along with teaching them specialized skills for taking orders, scheduling appointments, registering attendees for seminars, following your scripts, and more.
  • Answering your calls rapidly, with the shortest possible hold times and 24×7 availability.
  • Recording your messages accurately and following up in the way you prescribe,  whether that is patching you into the call, forwarding the call to you, or sending a message to your pager, email, or cell phone.

Custom Options for Phone Answering Service:  Call Answering Your Way

Advanced Answering Service live operators can:

  • Prequalify Your Callers: Our live operators can prequalify your callers to determine their level of urgency, their readiness to buy a product or service, their location (to refer them to your closest sales person, dealer or location), or any criteria of your choice.
  • Forward Your Callers: Our operators can forward callers directly to the appropriate sales person, store, or location by whatever method you choose (phone, email, or fax).
  • Be Your Receptionist: Our live operators can function as a receptionist for your small business by doing more than answering the phone and forwarding calls. They can learn more about your office or business and handle calls as you prescribe in a script or guidance document.

Advanced Answering Service personalizes its phone answering services to meet the unique needs of each customer and provides a full range of call answering services nationwide,  including Message Taking, Order Taking, Appointment Setting, Emergency Message Forwarding, and more.