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Advanced Answering Service can answer your calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year or only after office hours or only during peak hours to manage your overflow calls. Whatever services you choose, our live telephone answering operators can improve the success of your business.

With our live telephone answering services, our people can take orders for your products or services, increase the dollar-amount of your sales by up-selling and cross-selling (using a script you create), set appointments, record reservations for your seminars, and more.

Our 24 hour live telephone answering service can give your business the image of a large corporation.

How does our Phone Answering Service work?

It’s very simple. Just forward your calls to us when you want us to handle them. It can be 24×7, or we can just handle your calls during peak, or off-peak times. When a telephone call comes into our live operators, your company profile will show on the computer screen, and we will answer in your company name as if we are an employee of your company. We will handle the calls based on your instructions in the profile. We can screen, and forward the important calls to you. We can set appointments, take messages, sent instant SMS/Texts/Messages, Emails, and much more. We have advanced answering services as well that get more into the full customer service area. Our goal is to have your callers feel as though our live operators are a friendly employee of your company. Many of them will never know that they are speaking with a telephone answering service.


Top 4 Reasons Our Telephone Answering Services Are The Best

  1. High-Quality, Caring People – The people in any organization hold the keys to business success. Our people are of unusually high quality in this industry. They are very professional and truly care about keeping you as a long-term customer. They know your clients need to be handled carefully and warmly for your business to thrive and for you to be happy with our telephone answering services.
  2. White-Glove Customer Service – We want perfection. Our goal is 100 percent customer satisfaction, and we do what it takes to make that happen. If you give us a suggestion or change your business direction, we listen and do our best to tailor our telephone answering services to fit your need.
  3. Flexibility and Custom Telephone Answering Services – We have live telephone answering services 24×7 for businesses with only 25 to 50 calls per month and telephone answering services for businesses with 500+ calls per month. We can customize the way our live operators answer your telephone calls. We can use scripts you design to collect caller information. We can even answer more than one toll-free number for you, so you can capture leads from multiple advertising campaigns, tracking effectiveness of different approaches.
  4. Fast Telephone Answering and Follow-Up – No telephone answering services answer their phones faster than Advanced Answering Service, and our customer’s clients like it that way. For doctors, lawyers, plumbers, locksmiths, taxi services, or any business that receives emergency calls, we also have very-fast follow-up with our “Instant Message” service. Based upon your instructions on how to handle various call types, we can patch you into the telephone call, forward the message to your pager or cell phone, send an email or text message to your mobile phone. A fast telephone answering service translates into satisfied callers and successful business for you.

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