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Never Miss a Prospective Real Estate Buyer’s or Seller’s Call

Advanced Answering Service’s real estate answering service ensures that you never miss a phone call from a prospective buyer or seller. Our live operators answer phone calls to your real estate phone lines 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Many callers object to voicemail and hang up when voicemail answers.

Real estate Buyers and sellers want immediate service. They want to talk with a live person. Our answering service can help protect your real estate valuable leads.

As an independent real estate agent or local real estate agency, you are often torn between needing to service your current clients and answering calls from new clients. Our real estate answering service can give you extra time to locate properties for buyers, create listings for sellers, take buyers on tours, and create ads that bring buyers to you.

Building Your Business with Our Real Estate Answering Services

Our real estate answering service can boost your revenues by giving your business the image of a highly successful, professional operation. Here are some of the ways we do it:

  • Unusually Competent, Well-Trained Live Operators – Our live real estate answering service hand picks its operators and then trains them to give white-glove service to your callers. They are patient, respectful, and efficient, giving all callers as much time as they need.
  • Careful Prequalifying of Callers – Our real estate answering service can use a brief list of questions you’ve written to prequalify your callers. When you know what type of property or area of town or price range a caller is looking for, you can look up a few properties to use as teasers when you call them back or, if you have a multiple-agent office, you can use the information to determine which agent should call the person back.
  • Precise Recording of Messages – Operators in our real estate answering service record every detail of your caller’s contact information accurately, and double check the accuracy before following up with you.
  • Message Follow-Up The Way You Want It – You tell our real estate answering service how you want to receive your message information – by immediate call to your cell phone, home phone, office phone or pager or by email, fax, or text message to your mobile device. If you want to define different types of follow-up for different types of callers, we can do that.

Invest in the Best Real Estate Answering Service

Our real estate answering service is very economical, especially when you consider the results. Investing in a superior real estate answering service like ours can be a huge factor in real estate success you’ve dreamed of. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our real estate answering service can answer your calls the same way, maybe better than a dedicated telephone answering service receptionist. Tell us how you want it done, and it will happen.

Advanced Answering Service’s real estate answering service is known for its excellence. It’s a 5-star, white-glove service. We have the best-trained live operators, very fast telephone pick-up, advanced call answering technologies, low-cost pricing, and flexibility to customize our telephone answering service plans.