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For physicians focusing on high-quality patient-care and growing their practices, our physician answering service provides a level of excellence and consistency not typical of most physician answering services.

Advanced Answering Service understands the importance of handling patients’ calls with respect, patience, and efficiency. Clearly, physicians and their practices can’t be available 24×7, but our physician answering service can create the sense of availability and responsiveness by providing a live professional operator to answer your phone lines 24×7, 365 days a year. Our team’s telephone answering service can also be used only when your office is closed and/or during peak hours of operation to assist with overflow calls.

How Our Physician Answering Services Can Help

Our can be an extension of your office for less than the cost of a new phone line. Live operators from ourĀ Physician Answering Service can:

  • Take over answering your office calls instantly when you forward your lines to us
  • Answer all calls with a live operator who can view your unique account details and instructions at her terminal, once we have control of your lines
  • Ensure all your calls have the industry’s fastest call pickup and very short hold times, required only when we would need to contact you directly in emergencies, based upon your instructions
  • Make instant changes to your “on call” staff detail, names, phone numbers, and special instructions for emergencies, referrals, etc in our system when you call us or send a brief email
  • Set appointments for patients calling after hours by simply providing us one or two open times the following day or week for such appointments
  • Provide a package of customized services for your office (including automating a voicemail system for your office, managing faxes, patching calls directly into your phone when particular emergencies defined-by-you arise, etc)

Protect Your Revenues, Build Goodwill for Your Physicians Practice

Protect your revenues by avoiding the loss of patients who are frustrated when reaching only a recorded voice message or by being put on hold when they call an office too busy to talk with them.

An independent physician wearing a businessman’s hat, building his practice for both altruistic and personal financial reasons, knows that happy patients spread the word about their positive experiences and the net result is increased business for the physician giving the best service.

Patients evaluate not just the quality of medical care but rather the total patient experience, and both the physician’s office responsiveness and service quality are part of that equation.

Advanced Answering Service has one of the finest Physician Answering Services in the industry. Call us today to learn more about how we can help increase your patient satisfaction.