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Advanced Answering Service specializes in medical answering services. We can answer your patients’ calls 24×7, 365 days a year or only when your office is closed and/or during peak hours to manage your overflow calls. Whatever medical answering service you choose, our live medical answering operators can improve the satisfaction of your patients by providing them a live person to talk with.

With our medical answering services, our live operators can categorize calls based upon criteria you specify and handle the calls accordingly. Our medical answering services and physician answering service offer many options:

  • Answering your medical calls differently at different times of the day or season,
  • Handling calls from other doctors, sales people, and patients differently,
  • Following up with you in a variety of ways, depending upon call urgency and your preferences – We follow instructions you give us precisely.

Nothing frustrates a patient more than being routed to voicemail, hearing a busy tone, or, worse still, reaching an automated message that your office is closed. You may not be available 24×7 but you can provide your patients a caring human voice when you are not available.

Our telephone answering service has been tailored to the medical profession and can improve your image as a caring medical professional.

Top Four Reasons To Use Our Medical Answering Services:

  1. Top-Quality, Caring, Live Operators – The people in any medical practice contribute to the success of the practice and the satisfaction of its patients. Our live operators are unusual in the medical answering service industry. They are experienced and trained to understand the importance of respect, patience, and empathy for your callers. They know your patients need to be handled carefully for your practice to thrive and for you to be happy and a long-term client of our medical answering services.
  2. White-Glove Medical Office Service – Perfection is our goal 100 percent of the time. When you define exactly how our medical answering service is to handle your calls, we do our absolute best to ensure we make that happen.
  3. Flexibility & Custom Medical Answering Services – We provide live medical answering services 24×7 for practices with 25 to 50 calls a month and medical answering services for practices with 500+ calls a month. We can customize how our live operators answer your medical calls and we follow scripted instructions you write to respond to callers’ non-medical inquiries. We can also answer multiple telephone numbers for you. You define it; we do it.
  4. Fast Medical Phone Answering and Follow-Up – No medical answering services answer their phones faster than we at Advanced Answering Service do and, as a result, you will have high patient satisfaction. For emergency calls, we also have super-fast follow-up. Using your instructions detailing how we are to handle various call types, we can patch you into call, forward a message to your pager or cell phone, send an email or text message to your Blackberry, iPhone, or other mobile phone. A fast telephone answering service translates into satisfied callers and successful medical practice for you.

Advanced Answering Service offers many medical answering services that enhance patient satisfaction for medical professionals who care and want to grow their practices.