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You’ll be saying that too with Advanced Answering Service. No other call answering service has the quality of people answering your calls, flexibility, and technology that our Advanced team has. This combination can mean increased income to you and your business because you will never miss any calls due to caller hang-ups when they reach voicemail or wait too long for a person to answer. Your clients and prospective clients will be treated with respect, patience, and professionalism. The net result for you will be increased customer satisfaction, more business, and more income. Please see our telephone answering service home page for more details.

The People Make the Difference in the Service

Experienced operators are at the core of our call answering services. With years of-experience and long tenure with Advanced Answering Service, our telephone call answering people are trained to understand the financial importance of good customer relations. You will find that our people have the patience and willingness to listen well, a careful attention to detail when recording your callers’ requests, and a professionalism nothing short of amazing. Our team is like well-trained, friendly advanced call center.

Our call answering service people are trained to understand that:

  • First impressions on incoming calls can make or break your ability to win that caller’s business.
  • A positive attitude and efficiency in responding to caller requests satisfies the caller and you, the customer of Advanced Answering Service. Sounds obvious but few answering services seem to understand this principle.
  • The success of each call contributes to the overall success of your business and, therefore, the success of Advanced Answering Service. We are partners.

Choices in Answering Service Plans

We have plans to meet the needs of every entrepreneur and small to medium-size business, and we have call answering services designed for many specific industries and professions, including medical/physicians, hvac, property management, real estate, plumbers, electricians, advertisers who need lead capture services, and many more.

Advanced Answering Service often tailors its call answering service programs to meet unique client needs. Our goal is to provide you a call answering plan that helps you grow your business better than any other and inspires you to become our permanent customer.

Review our list of common plans below and let us know if there are additional custom features you would like added to your call answering service plan:

  • 50 Call Answering Service – Plan designed for entrepreneurs and startup businesses and has a maximum of 50 calls answered per month by a live operator.
  • 100 Call Answering Service – Plan designed for small businesses and has a maximum allowance of 100 calls answered per month by a live operator.
  • 400 Call Answering Service – Plan designed for medium-size businesses and has a maximum allowance of 400 calls answered per month by a live operator.
  • 600 Call Answering Service – Plan designed for medium-size businesses and has a maximum allowance of 600 calls answered per month by a live operator.

Optional stand-alone or add-on call answering services include:

  • Automated Call Answering Service – Unlimited call answering by an automated voice and messaging system. An alternative to live operator call answering that is our most cost-effective answering service plan. All messages are emailed to you in a .WAV file format.
  • Hybrid Call Answering Service – Save money with this alternative plan. All calls are answered by an automated voice and message recording system but the caller has the option of requesting to speak with a live operator. Your monthly fee is a combination of the standard fee for the “Automated Call Answering Service” and the fee for the number of calls that were answered by a live operator.
  • Emergency Message Dispatch Service – We provide an “Instant Message” service via email or text messaging. With “Instant Message,” we will send an email or text message directly to your email address or cell phone during standard business hours (8:00 a.m.-5 p.m. eastern time of the workweek), so you can retrieve it rapidly even when you are on the road with your Blackberry, iPhone, or other mobile phone.
  • Fax Answering Service – All facsimiles sent to fax number we reserve for you are received and stored by our electronic system and routed to your email upon receipt.
  • Branded Call Answering Service – For a small additional fee, our live operators will answer your calls with both your company name AND a customized branding message about your company, like this: “Hello, this is AAA Ambulance Service. You can count on us to be the fastest, most professional service in town. May I help you, please?”
  • Appointment Setting – We train our live operators to set appointments for you. Fees are based upon the complexity of your appointment setting requirements. The most economical plan is for you to set aside one or more days per week for us to book exclusively so that we do not overlap appointments you set. Or, you can require us to call you or a contact you specify to confirm each appointment time. 
  • Order Recording and Credit Card Processing – Our live operators can take orders for your products and services and record credit card detail – a convenient way to book business from print advertisements in newspapers and magazines, T.V. infomercials, and Internet advertisements. 
  • Scripted Call Answering Service – Our live operators can answer your calls based upon lengthy scripts that you provide us. Businesses have many objectives with scripts. Some conduct surveys to collect data on target customers in their areas, sometimes offering a small payment for completion, and direct responders to call an 800 telephone number to complete the survey. Telephone surveys are an easy way to learn about your competition and collect contact details and other valuable information about your target market. Some businesses offer a free educational booklet or other item in an advertisement and require that the person call an 800 telephone number to receive it.

Call our Advanced team today at 610-304-4008 for the best call answering service available anywhere today, and see how we can transform your business.